The divorce proceedings have been going on for several months

Pop star Michael Wendler and his former wife Claudia Norberg. Michael Wendler in particular longs for divorce so that he can soon marry his new love Laura Müller. Now the Wendler announces progress in the divorce proceedings. His ex Claudia Norberg, however, supposedly knows nothing.

If you look at Michael Wendler’s Instagram profile, you might have come across an interesting contribution from Wendler over the weekend. The hit star posted there: “Press release. Finally divorced! The divorce court in the United States divorced my ex and me on May 13, 2024 ”. A message Michael Wendler has been waiting for a long time. But is Wendler writing the truth here? The portal wanted to know exactly and asked Claudia Norberg. But Claudia Norberg’s answer surprised everyone. Because this indicates that they have not received any information. Most recently, both Michael and Claudia were in Florida in late February to celebrate their daughter Adeline’s birthday. The marriage should have been divorced back then. But things seem to have been delayed a bit by the Corona crisis. “The judge’s decisive stamp could not be set,” confirmed Wendler in February of the “Bild” newspaper.

So does the singer write the truth on Instagram? A few days ago, his former wife Claudia spoke on the MDR talk show “Riverboat” once again about the end of her marriage to Michael Wendler. “I personally find it sad. You have a marriage and it should actually last until the end of your life. That is actually the promise that you make at some point. ”So far, Michael Wendler’s report has not been officially confirmed. However, should the news correspond to the facts, Michael Wendler is guaranteed not to waste any time and announce the wedding date with his new girlfriend Laura Müller in a timely manner. Michael Wendler recently proposed to his Laura. The couple are planning to get married in the US this summer and to be accompanied by the RTL cameras in preparation for the wedding and celebration. So you will soon find out whether the divorce of the Wendler was actually carried out.



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