Within a very short time, Jada has become the most promising name in the Danish music scene and was able to inspire critics and music fans both nationally and internationally with her personal and honest approach.

In January 2019, Jada started her triumphal procession with the Danish P3 Talent Award and since then has not only received a nomination in the “Album of the Year” category at this year’s Nordic Music Prize, but also the Grammy at the Danish Music Awards.

Das ist Jada: Alles über die Nr. 1 aus Dänemark

Photo: Sarah Stenfeldt


With her fans’ nudes

Now Jada has released her new single “Nudes”, with which she is currently number 1 on the Danish airplay charts. “Nudes” is the first release since their highly acclaimed debut album “I Cry A Lot”.

“Nudes” differs from their previous releases in both sound and storytelling – which not only appeals to their existing fan base, but an entire generation. The text emphasizes the importance of being completely yourself – especially in the current Internet era, when the world has become a difficult place and you feel closely connected and isolated from others.

With her new single, Jada shows why she is currently one of the most exciting artists in Scandinavia: she is a singer blessed with an exceptional natural talent, whose honesty and authenticity have already ensured that she has become the role of an inspiring role model for an entire generation .

This is also made clear by the sensational video for “Nudes”, which lives up to its name: It shows a compilation of short nude videos by young people who have provided Jada with their very own “Nudes” for this music clip.


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