Doctors discovered the link between the coronavirus and overweight

Photo: depositphotos/Kzenon

Russian nutritionists and virologists believe that excessive weight may be an additional risk factor in the spread of coronavirus, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.

the Relationship of obesity and COVID-19 is not yet proven, but it is already known that the disease in these patients occurs in more severe form. At a lower depth and volume of the lungs in people with obesity pneumonia develops active.

According to the National health service of great Britain, nearly two thirds of serious cases of new infection are overweight. At risk are those whose body mass index is over 40.

the health Minister of Russia Mikhail Murashko encouraged to abandon a rich and heavy foods. According to him, the food should be rational and balanced.

According to who, the world already infected more than 697 thousand people, more than 33 thousand died. In Russia recorded 1836 sick, cured 66 people died 9 people.

Previously head of the Department of science in the 67th Moscow hospital, Professor Vladimir Shumilov said that next month the spread of coronavirus infection will go on recession. The doctor stressed that COVID-19 is less aggressive.

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