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Valentina Tereshkova known in our country, first of all, as the first woman astronaut. However, its name are other events and highlights. For example, she became the first Russian woman to achieve the rank of General. She was also instrumental in the women’s correctional institutions was introduced a single prison uniform.

Tereshkova visited Kharkiv penal colony

After his space flight, held in 1963, Tereshkova into space no longer fly, but she began actively to engage in political and social activities. In particular, from 1968 until 1987, Tereshkova headed the Soviet women’s Committee. During this period she made numerous trips around the country, visiting various institutions of the country pioneer camps to women’s penal colonies. About the unexpected results of the visit Tereshkova the female colony in Kharkov, told in his book “Grey is the colour of hope” poet and dissident Irina Ratushinskaya. She was arrested for anti-Soviet activities in 1982 and was serving a sentence until 1986.

According to Ratushinskaya, Valentina Tereshkova, drew attention to the appearance of secac, which was built in front of her prison chiefs, and in the hearts exclaimed: “Yes, they are dressed better than me!”. Irina Ratushinskaya, of course, witnessed this scene could not be, she was serving a sentence in Mordovia. The story about the dissatisfaction Tereshkova and the outfits of women in prison, she told other inmates, who told other zechki, and so on.

whatever it was, but since mid-1960-ies in the Soviet women’s areas do have a uniform.

And as it was before?

Uniform in all prisons and colonies of the world have become the norm since the XIX century. Women’s prison was no exception. In the Royalth Russia relief was only “political”, which in the Siberian prison and walked around in his clothes. With the advent of the Gulag system was introduced and the same for all prisoners, regardless of political or criminal offenses they sit, uniform.

Under Khrushchev, which strongly demonstrated their disengagement from the era of Stalin’s personality cult, in the camps and prisons was introduced different relief measures. In the women’s camp it was expressed, in particular, and in the absence of mandatory uniforms. Zechki had the opportunity to buy with my money tissue in the prison shops and sewing of their clothes to their own taste. And where a lot of women, there inevitably arises and the exchange of patterns and styles, and competition for dresses. In the result the women’s colony and in fact became somewhat remind the house of the models. And if you do Tereshkova visited the Kharkov colony, it could not pay to this fact of attention. According to the legend presented in the book “Grey is the colour of hope”, made the introduction of a single uniform.

looks Like a female prison?

Clothing of women in prison colonies in the Soviet era consisted of a jacket, skirt, and boots at any time of the year. In winter the suit is complemented by a sweater, socks are allowed. In addition, all sentenced women should wear white scarves, which can only be removed for sleeping and bathing. Nowadays this style is almost not changed.

In the book Ratushinskaya said clothing this is extremely inconvenient, especially in winter. Women lining up for roll-call, very freezing in their thin skirts. Currently skirts in the cold can be worn over pants.

as for the scarves, they are introduced not for the additional humiliation of secec, as some say, and hygienic reasons. Men in bondage shaved bald to avoid the spread of head lice. Women don’t shave, but require them to wear headscarves.

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