Maxim Passar: how Nanai was the most effective sniper of Stalingrad

Heroes 25/03/20 Maxim Passar: how Nanai was the most effective sniper of Stalingrad

translated from the Nanai “passar” means “keen eye”. Maxim Passard is known as the most successful sniper of the Stalingrad battle on his account 237 of the killed enemy soldiers and officers.

“devil of a nest of devils”

a nickname given to the Germans Passard. Nanai Maksim Passar was born from a family of hereditary hunters and fishermen. Marksmanship he learned in childhood – beaten, fur-bearing animals in the eye to preserve valuable pelts. Hunting down prey, lay for hours in any weather in the shelter.
died In the war, older brother Maxim, and the next sniper in 1942 went to the front as a volunteer. After studying at the sniper school in the North-Western front Passar almost immediately became famous as a marksman. And sharp-eyed Nanai and night could see as day. The first enemy sniper Maxim “removed” from the tree simple “three-line” – he volunteered when he learned that Hitler’s shooter killed the officer of the General staff, arrived in the division with the inspection.
a Few months he was killed by the Nazis from a regular Mosin rifle without optical sight, by the end of September 1942 on account of the Maxim was 56 people. A month later, Passar, this number has tripled, receiving a command from a sniper rifle.
Being the best shooter the division, Maksim Passar was taught to hunt the enemy and others. Along with his 145 disciples two autumn months of 1942, he destroyed more than 3 thousand of the Nazis.

Dolmatovsky Wake up

Maxim had his own method of hunting soldiers and officers. He was helped by mortar and arrows. Mortar fire soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht “was Vykurovanie” from the trenches and came in sight of the sniper. The firing points of the enemy Passar calculated in the directions specified by arrows that fired tracer bullets. Nanai has an amazing rate of fire. One day he for 2 minutes, killed 7 people.
the Usual sniping trick to detect enemy arrow protruding stick on the helmet – on Passaro had no effect. Once Nazi sniper decided to conduct a Maxim with the help of this trick, but miscalculated. Passar reviewed binoculars that the helmet on the stick, waited, when the German gunner will pop out and shot him.
Passare wrote a lot of the front press. The article talked about the technique of the work of a sniper, the ways of masking. Poems about Maxim in the newspaper “the Red army” published by the famous Soviet poet Yevgeny Dolmatovsky. Popularization of the image of the heroic Nanai arrow provoked the division of the mass fascination with sniper fire.
By November 1942, the commander of the order of the red banner of Maksim Passar – best sniper front, on account of his 152 killed by the Nazis. In December, Maxim concussion, but in the hospital he refused to go.

what killed the famous gunslinger

Maksim Passar was killed in the battle of Stalingrad in January 1943. Two machine-gun the Nazis held back the advance of the attacking regiment, and the command sent Nanai-sniper destroy their calculations. Passar, approaching the minimum distance to the enemy positions, complied with the order. But he received a mortal wound.
a month Later, Maxim passaro presented the title of Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously). However, for unknown reasons he was just awarded the order of red banner (second one). After the war, and countrymen, and fellow soldiers long wrote appeals to various authorities with a request to assign Passard, the title to which it was submitted. But none of this did not come out.
the Title of Hero of Russia (posthumously) apt Nanay in 2010, assigned his decree the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. The name Maxim passaro named one of the streets in Volgograd, school and house of culture the homeland of the sniper, in the Nanai village of naikhin.

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