Dua Lipa broke away from social media so as not to be influenced. The musician released the mega hit “New Rules” in 2017, which hit fans like a bomb and has since been a benchmark for all of her subsequent songs.

The singer wanted to hide this when writing her new album "Future Nostalgia", which is why she withdrew from all social platforms so as not to be based on the opinion of the fans. Instead, Dua Lipa wanted to create something new that she can be proud of.

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She doesn't want to be influenced

"I had to create an album that I could be really proud of without the opinion of other people," the musician explained in an interview with the 'GQ' magazine, whose cover you can currently see on the cover.

"If I had stayed online and followed the guidelines of the Stan culture, I would probably have done something like 'New Rules' again and again," explains the singer. Stan Twitter is an online community that spreads opinions about celebrities and their projects and products online. The 24-year-old wanted to escape this and not be influenced by it.


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