Due to the early stages of the US presidential election can pass otherwise

the survival of humanity?

Jokes jokes, but in a country where I have lived for longer than in a country where I was born, the situation of General, special, unprecedented in this bliznecy leap year is a palindrome: a coronavirus from the health factor has become political because the presidential election is coming, which may be held or not, who knows. Well, of course detective question: who in the US is politically beneficial for mysterious this pandemic? Trump, who through routine press conferences from the White house is not coming from the screen and was like wartime President, like Roosevelt during the Second world war – Wartime President? Or adversaries and rivals trump, who turned it into a scapegoat and hope to make political capital out of the pandemic, the epicenter of which, unfortunately, moved to new York, where I am writing this essay in the genre of political Virology?

Like all my fellow citizens, I expect trump promised a gift of $1200, although the check will probably be signed by the chief our Treasurer Steven by Mucinum that “the third is” the triumvirate of Executive power, along with the President and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. “SOP! A bribe! Bribery!” – we hear cries of devout liberals, but even they, I believe, will break the long-awaited check, as a couple of months ago, our spikers Nancy Pelosi pointedly, in front of the whole country, tore up the text of the annual message of the President.

Actually, this virus of hatred began in the country long before panic around the corona virus from the election trump at the highest post on Earth, and now, touching, being attracted and weaving, both two paroxysms determine the public mood in the country. In some ways these viruses are similar. Despite all the explanations, they are mysterious, irrational, “mind nedostigenii” character, with a lot of x factors, not to mention the versatility of both viruses. It is tempting to write off as a coronavirus, and the media the presidential crown all the troubles, overtaking is now Ameriku – from economic downturn to growing unemployment. And this is in contrast with the recent triumphant, thanks to which trump had hoped to sit in the White house for another four years. Now in his routine appearances on the screens he urges Americans to unity. Oxymoron! Even metaphorically it is contrary to the persistent advice of doctors and politicians hold each other in the distance. A frame from a futuristic horror film: unity khutornykh singles, holding the distance – fear of rapprochement and contact.

Much further if we are already warning about future demographic problems. The reason is not only increased mortality from coronavirus, but primarily in a sharp decline in sexual contacts for the same coronavirus reason. No, this sinister like virus was not transmitted sexually but eager random, irregular, and just unregistered and couples for the most part already fulfilled the plan for childbirth, and now is not the time to have babies due to financial uncertainty and psychological distress. Quite a different situation than in the old days the plague and the cholera pandemics in the accompanying adultery, promiscuity, immorality – as if nature was taking revenge for the indiscriminate death (see “the Decameron” or “the Feast during the plague”). In our super-duper communication and the virtual age of the situation is the opposite. Humanity, if it survives, as it assures us of the Israeli Nobelist biophysicist Michael Levitt, I’m afraid, in the thinning condition.

Viral democracy

Coronavirus is a cure – on the contrary, minus a panacea, when any death, natural and/or forced can be explained in this fashion necessarily, kitsch virus. Down autocracies who prefer, on the contrary, to hide the deaths from the virus, giving the population a more traditional explanation. Where to enroll death from the coronavirus in natural or forced? Any death is violent, because the opposite of life – even deepwho is the old man of senility.

But a political death, which mutually wish each other the Democrats and Republicans?

Here in America, we are experiencing a period of viral democracy, which I’m not sure that will subside with the decline of the coronavirus, and that seems to be expected by the end of summer. But the political virus of hatred and intolerance will make it to the elections, if they take place on 3 November. Democrats fear that trump with his authoritarian ambitions and magnification power in the extraordinary circumstances of a pandemic may, if not cancel, we postpone these fateful for the country and the world elections. Moreover, there are precedents, albeit in much smaller proportions – the same Oregon, to take that postponed the primaries due to the coronavirus. And followed suit and other States.

the Question on seed is concerns or insinuations that the Democrats are much? Using the coronavirus, they are even more intensified attack on the President, trying to prove that the king is naked and it’s time to pass on the presidential crown to his rival – most likely Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden. The fact is, however, not seen and not heard – obeying the law, Joe, and Bernie Sanders, has a virtual campaign, personally without meeting not only with the electorate, but also with potential donors. The latter can dramatically affect his entire campaign will end when the money for it.

What a contrast with trump, who daily meets with people, arranging a press conference from the screen during these force majeure days. In front of us rather than the President – the commander in chief. His last order was to mobilize the guard for the delivery of essential drugs in three earthquake-prone States, including our new York. According to recent polls, 55% of Americans approve of the President’s actions to combat pandemic – compared to 43% in early March. This does not mean that this overwhelming endorsement of the incumbent President will continue until the presidential election. Depends on many circumstances in our time, as never before, of the predictionsShema only unpredictability. It is not excluded that by the time the monument, which Willy-nilly erects himself trump, responding to the challenge of unprecedented situation, will be covered by patina, and the Democrats will seize the initiative.

Remote elections?

indeed, Democrats Democrats alike, not a trace of lumping them in one pile. Not everyone behaves on the basis of opportunistic considerations other over party barriers. Here are two of David’s famous political strategists David Axelrod and David Record, that of a black politician-public created by President Barack Obama and then ruled the country in his name. What a contrast they are now! David the Record remained on the aggressive ideological positions, zealously insisting that is not the time for liberals to disarm and to allow the Tramp, creating your own reality, to impose it on the country. On the contrary, David Axelrod thinks voters will have plenty of time to judge the behavior of the trump in this world crisis, and now is the time for unity with the President, not the negative attacks on him.

That far to go, the mayor of new York bill de Blasio and the Governor of our state, Andrew Cuomo, both Democrats, are now on the opposite positions as the antagonists. Blasio accuses trump of cowardice and half-measures, while Cuomo, who is in constant contact with the President, took the business and conciliatory tone, saying that the President in this difficult and dramatic situation, behaving appropriately, undertaking all necessary measures to combat an invisible enemy. And Governor of California, Democrat Gavin Newsom, is also in constant communication with trump went even further, calling their telephone conversations with the President “privilege”.

it is Difficult in our days, make plans for the future, and even at seven months. What can I say, social and physical isolation and elektoralna extras 3 Nov – opposites in substance and in fact. 130 million voters, crowds, queues, sports passion, passion-cheeky – how to byt?

There’s not at all unprecedented in American history – the election by mail. So vote many Americans for many years – and works. To take the previous elections. In five States – Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, Washington a majority of voters voted by mail, three others – more than half and about a quarter across the country. Of course, this will require enormous technical preparation – everything must be prepared in advance, to September 7, Labor Day. Besides, such mail election almost guaranteed from fraud, counterfeiting, fraud. Checked: in Oregon, who was the first to practice such an election with two thousand, to 100 million postal ballots were only a dozen of the forgeries.

However, it is possible that this virus ill-fated, cursed, will not withstand high summer degrees Farenheit or Celsius and the election of my country will be held as usual in the traditional manner. Give B-G. Then, bye-bye, coronavirus!

new York