In a phone call with the linguist Elisabeth Wehling sounds pressed her voice. The woman who formulated in talk shows and panel discussions, your sentences so fluidly, as you were reading from a Teleprompter, sounds tense. During the conversation, she’s always breaks.

TIME: Ms. Wehling, if you read the article about you, you might get the impression that you are a danger to democracy. Man accuses you of, even to brainwash children. Do you do this?

Elisabeth Wehling: no. I am shocked by the allegations. Especially because the Background is completely ignored. I have written on the basis of Workshops with a working group of the ARD 2017, a internal paper. The idea was to analyze the individual terms in the communication of the transmitter, and Alternatives. It was meant for nothing else than for the internal use and as a basis for discussion.

The Advisor The Advisor

On 17. February 2019 made an internal document of the ARD public. In the “Framing Manual” gave the linguist Elisabeth Wehling of the transmitter tips for word choice.

For 2016, and her book appeared to be Political Framing, Wehling as a talk show asked the guest. In 2011 she wrote with her doctor father, George Lakoff, the paper, The new language of social democracy.


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