Experts told about the disinfection of the house in a pandemic

Photo: depositphotos/Kryzhov

Rospotrebnadzor Experts said, how to disinfect the house in a pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry reported on its official website.

When cleaning experts advise to pay special attention to door handles and switches. In particular, you should carefully with soap to wash your hands entry door. Not be amiss to treat them with an antiseptic or chlorine solution.

If the house has no cases, wet cleaning should be done two or three times a week. For this fit an ordinary household chemicals.

“If there is a sick man, wet cleaning should be done daily and use of disinfectants based on chlorine,” – noted experts.

in addition, after each use, patients should switch to wipe with a cloth with antiseptic. She can also handle Cabinet knobs, backs of chairs, tables and appliances.

Disinfect sinks and faucets in the bathroom every day better just by using household chemicals and hot water. It’s also worth exposing the brushes and combs to treatment with an antiseptic.

Earlier, experts told how to destroy coronavirus on clothes. It was noted that this method will not harm the fabric of things.

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