Austria is leading the way, earlier shutdown, hard rules – good numbers! Now our neighbors are getting more and more out of cover – and surprise with a fixed major sporting event!

A Red Bull home game in Austria to kick off, the end of the French Grand Prix: Formula 1 wants to start the season with a race on July 5 in Spielberg after numerous shifts forced by the corona crisis. This was confirmed by Formula 1 boss Chase Carey shortly after the cancellation of the French Grand Prix on Monday.

The final calendar should be published as soon as possible. However, Carey has already announced some key dates: After the start in Austria, races in Europe are to take place by the beginning of September, the first of which will probably be without spectators on the track. In September, October and November, the Formula 1 circus is to move on to “Eurasia, Asia and the American continent”. The catch-up race in Bahrain and the finale in Abu Dhabi will conclude in December. 15 to 18 races are to be carried out by the end of the year.

The Formula 1 boss did not comment on a possible historic double strike in Austria. There is speculation about the second race in Spielberg on July 12th.

What is certain, however, is the end of the French Grand Prix, which was originally supposed to take place on June 28. The race in Le Castellet would have been the tenth of the season according to the regular schedule – the races scheduled before that had already been canceled. © 2008-2020 Sports Information Service


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