Florian Silbereisen (38) and Thomas Anders (57) have just released their first album together under the simple title “Das Album”. And, as is to be expected, the duo took number 1 on the album charts after just a few days. The well-known hit duo clearly won the competition against the German rapper Haftbebehl.

Certainly it was only a coincidence, but the German rapper warrant released his new work “The White Album” on the same day as Schlagerbarde and entertainer Florian Silbereisen and ex-modern-talking-beau Thomas Anders. This was the start of an interesting race for the top of the German charts. What would draw more? Hit or hard rap was the question. However, the race ended with a very predictable result. The German hit has clearly prevailed. Because while arrest warrant is in fourth place on the German album charts after a sales period of one week, Florian Silbereisen and Thomas Anders salute undisputed from the top.

But no wonder, because the album by Florian and Thomas contains a total of 17 party-ready songs and has been eagerly awaited by many fans. Florian and Thomas had already recorded two singles together in 2018. Even then, the two had landed a huge hit with the song “She said she loves me”, which had hit the nerve of hit fans absolutely. After just a week, her album has already been released

Sold 30,000 times. Since the colleague arrest warrant with around 12,000 albums sold did not quite match. It almost seems as if it was not the last time that Florian Silbereisen and Thomas Anders worked together. “In 2018 Thomas was looking for a new duet partner, and I am very grateful to him that he found me,” explains Florian Silbereisen, who occasionally uses Thomas Anders as a substitute in his band Klubbb3. Although the dynamic duo had only planned 2 songs, the collaboration even resulted in a complete album that apparently was very well received by the fans.



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