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Two hit stars are working together: Florian Silbereisen and Thomas Anders want to spread a good mood in a duet. Their first album together has now been released. It shot straight to number 1 on the German charts.

Mood in Corona times: For the first time, “dream ship” captain Florian Silbereisen (38) and the former Modern Talking half Thomas Anders (57) present a joint album.

New feel-good music in a duet for pop fans: the collection of 17 songs is simply called “The Album”. It was supposed to be released on March 13th. Then the corona pandemic intervened. But this week it immediately landed at number 1 on the German album charts.

Florian Silbereisen und Thomas Anders: Wie gut ist ihr neues Nr.1- Album?

Silbereisen with the GfK No. 1 Award. Photo: Jürgens TV


Fans are blown away

Before there had already been two duet singles with Silbereisen and Anders: “She said she loved me” and “She did it again”. As a further appetizer, the two Schlagerchampions finally released a third single “Try again with me”.

In the video of this pop hit, the native Bayer Silbereisen and the Koblenz family man Anders present themselves smiling and bearded with a jacket, white T-shirt and wristwatch, they sing alternately and in a duet, the melody is suspicious for earwigs.

It’s about the apparently uncomplicated heating up of cold love: “We have been silent for so long, forget to love each other … Hey, try again with me! A thousand and one life, stay here! … All of our stars are still here. I still feel at home here with you. Try again with me! ”

The fans are happy – on Silbereisen’s Facebook page they comment, for example: “The song is mega, your voices just go well together!” Or “Everyday texts with which many people can identify”. Anders’s Facebook page says, for example, that it is a song that “helps us all get through this in difficult times”, “I love you two together and” Sounds like a Bohlen song. I think it’s planks. ”

Florian Silbereisen und Thomas Anders: Wie gut ist ihr neues Nr.1- Album?

Not so with the GfK No. 1 Award. Photo: Jürgens TV

Written with modern talking pop music history

The duo of Dieter Bohlen and Anders is an integral part of hit history without modern talking – until the final separation in 2003, they sold more than 120 million records worldwide. The citizen of Koblenz Anders can already look back on a stage career of half a century – counting his appearances as a child.

Entertainer Silbereisen, born in Bavaria in 1981, ex-boyfriend of colleague Helene Fischer, is a television presenter and took over command of the ZDF “dream ship” at the end of 2019 as a surprisingly young captain. Also in the jury of the RTL live shows of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS), “Flori”, as fans call him, recently gave a guest appearance unexpectedly.

Anders tells the German press agency that after the successful first two singles with Silbereisen “the idea came to record a complete album”. Looking at his colleague, the 57-year-old adds: “We now know each other so well and are already a well-established team. However, the recordings for the album were separated. ”Silbereisen had already been preparing his“ Schlagerfest XXL ”, so“ I sang my part in the studio first and Florian later his part ”.

Russia tour postponed

The corona virus then also mixed up the planning of Silbereisen’s “Schlagerfest.XXL”. On Facebook he assured: “Moving is not canceled! … Next year we will not only catch up on the dates for 2023 – there will also be four new ones! ”His tour of Germany will therefore begin on April 23, 2023 in Hamburg, the last stop on May 9, 2023 Oldenburg.

Florian Silbereisen und Thomas Anders: Wie gut ist ihr neues Nr.1- Album?


According to his spokeswoman, Thomas Anders has postponed concerts in Russia until next year. Planned appearances in the USA could also only take place later.

Both musicians remain versatile: According to his spokeswoman, Anders is talking about a new Koch television program, among other things. Silbereisen was snowboarding with actress Barbara Wussow in a desert episode in April. Sweaty ascent on dunes, wet sweat falling into the sand – on his Facebook page he says: “We looked like two freshly breaded Wiener Schnitzel, but you fall much softer than on the ski slope, but you get the fine sand after five times Don’t shower again! ”(Jens Albes, dpa)

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