Florian Silbereisen and Thomas Anders released a joint album on June 5th. The two hit singers fill entire halls of fans on their own – and now they are even available in a double pack!

When the ex-“Modern Talking” star was looking for a new duet partner a while ago, the moderator was not long asked. In addition to appearances for two, there is now a joint record of Silbereisen and Anders.

Florian Silbereisen erklärt das zweite Album mit Thomas Anders

Photo: BMC-Picture / Dominik_Beckmann


The fans wanted more

Florian told the “Bild” newspaper about the collaboration: “In 2018 Thomas was looking for a new duet partner and I am very grateful to him for finding me.” With her first track “She said she loves me” the two musicians were obviously well received by their fans.

“We then recorded a second duet and thought: After that it’s over! But the response was so great that we made a complete album together, ”continued Silbereisen. And also with Anders’ former “Modern Talking” colleague Dieter Bohlen, Helene Fischer’s ex was in front of the camera for a while.

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This is how Silbereisen came to DSDS

After Xavier Naidoo had to vacate his DSDS jury chair due to questionable statements, Florian quickly stepped in. The “picture” he said at the time: “Dieter asked if I could step in at short notice, and of course I agreed. In times like these, you just have to stick together and help out where you are needed. ”(Bang)

Florian Silbereisen erklärt das zweite Album  mit Thomas Anders

Photo: Telamo


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