It can be that fast if you underestimate the dangerous corona virus for just a little while. As has now become known, there must be another strong outbreak of the coronavirus

Hundreds of children in quarantine in Göttingen quarantine.

In Göttingen, several hundred children from various schools in the city are now likely to be in quarantine for two weeks. Despite the new outbreak of the virus, the Göttingen schools are due to resume operation on Monday under strict conditions. This was confirmed by Social Affairs Director Petra Broistedt (SPD) on Friday. All classes of children who have been infected with the coronavirus in the last few days are now in domestic quarantine for 14 days. The exact number of students. A city spokesman was initially unable to name those affected by this measure. However, it is known that among the 120 people who were infected with the virus at private celebrations for the Muslim Sugar Festival, there are said to be around 39 students. Because of the incident, a mass test was carried out early in the morning in a high-rise complex in the city. By midday, around 120 of the 700 residents had volunteered for the test. The complete series of tests should be completed on Sunday.



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