This tragic news from France severely shocked European aristocrats. As has now become known, Princess Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre is in a French hospital and is in mortal danger. The 54-year-old princess was put into a coma on Monday after a serious accident with her motorcycle. Friends and family hope that the princess will recover from the aftermath of the serious accident.

This news is a shock to friends, family and all fans of the nobility. On Monday, the French newspaper “La Voix du Nord” reported that Princess Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre (54) was in a coma in a French hospital. However, no further details of the accident were known. It only confirms that the princess had a serious accident with her motorcycle. It is now known that the doctors have put Princess Hermione into an artificial coma. With this measure, the body of the princess should recover better from the serious injuries that she sustained in the accident. Princess Hermione’s friends and family are in great concern. Viviane Zaniroli, a friend of the princess and founder of the “Princess Rally”, writes on Facebook: “In thoughts and prayers for our Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre, who is in a coma after a motorcycle accident. We think strongly of Allegra and Calixte, their children. My beloved princess, you are a warrior, fight. ”

Princess Princess Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre is the daughter of Charles Henri, the eleventh Duke of Clermont-Tonnerre, and Anne Moranville. Princess Hermine’s brother, Marie Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre, is the current Duke of Clermont-Tonnerre. In France, the 54-year-old princess has made a name for herself as an author and can often be seen in French reality shows. In 2009, her marriage was divorced from British businessman Alastair Cuddefort, with whom the princess had been married for 10 years. From this marriage the couple have two children together: daughter Allegra (17) and son Calixte (15).



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