Flying to Moscow the plane from Colombo returned due to a technical fault

Photo: TASS/Marina Lystseva

the Aircraft company Air Azur flying from Colombo (Sri Lanka) in Moscow, returned to departure airport due to technical fault, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

the company said that the flight ZF-7564 Colombo – Moscow (Vnukovo) on an aircraft sensor tripped, signaling a possible a non-critical malfunction.

After that, the aircraft commander decided to return. Landing has passed in a regular mode.

Passengers will back the plane. While waiting for their place in a hotel and provided with everything necessary.

the Flight to Moscow is scheduled for flight ZF 7564 at 5:40 Moscow time. Azur Air brought passengers apologize for the inconvenience.

Previously, the Sukhoi Superjet has made emergency landing at Vnukovo airport with an open front of the chassis. According to preliminary data, the plane was flying from Berlin and on its Board could be the head of Minpromtorg Denis Manturov.

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