Trump called disinformation statements about Russian intervention in elections

Photo credit: TASS/Evan Vucci/AP

Donald trump has denied rumors that Russia allegedly intervened in the presidential election of 2023 in the United States to support the incumbent. About this American leader wrote in his Twitter.

According to trump that appeared in the media of the message is another “disinformation campaign” launched by the Democrats in Congress. He called information fraud.

“it is Alleged that Russia prefers me to any person of do nothing Democrats, who two weeks later still can’t count their votes in Iowa,” he said.

the New York Times announced Wednesday that intelligence officials warned the US house of representatives on the current Russian intervention in the elections of the President 2023.

Press Secretary of Russia Dmitry Peskov called the reports paranoid. According to him, they have nothing to do with the truth.

In the United States believe that Russia will support the re-election of Donald trump to the presidency. The American elections will be held in November 2023.

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