Forecasters said, when the heat will return to the capital

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko

In the capital will gradually return the heat in the afternoon of 1 April, said the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand.

According to him, on the night of 1 April, the cold will continue, but in the afternoon it start to get warm.

“on the night of April 1 will be minus 6…8 degrees to minus 11 degrees. But during the day under variable cloud cover for the sun will exert its influence, and daytime temperatures will be positive: +3…+5. And then every day increase the temperature by two degrees, and Friday-Saturday, expect about +8…+10 degrees,” – said Vilfand IA “NSN”.

He expressed the opinion that the cold, which is now observed, is of short duration.

Vilfand explained that the current weather shows that the temperature is approaching its climatic values.

“that’s What she should be, if you compare it with averaged over a large time interval values”, – said the expert.

According to Vilfand, on Monday evening in the North-Western regions will begin to snow, which will increase during the night. The temperature at night can drop to 6 degrees Celsius and to minus 9 degrees.

on Tuesday afternoon, as noted, the forecaster is expected to a minus 1…3 degrees.

Earlier it was reported that in the city by April 1, is projected snowfall. According to forecasts, will drop from 7 to 13 inches of snow.

According to forecasts, in the night of 31 March, the snowfall will amplify, will have about 6 inches of snow. Muscovites warned that some places can rise a Blizzard.

Sunday, March 29, the air in the capital warmed up to 17.4 degrees. Thus, a new temperature record. This figure will go down in history of meteorological observations as the absolute record heat.

in addition, on March 28, the city had set a record for heat. The air temperature in the city rose to +16,3 degrees. The previous record for heat on this day was recorded in 2007, then stolbichi thermometer rose to the level of +15.3 degrees.

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