France was faced with a complete lack of preparation for the coronavirus – Le Pen

Photo: AP Photo/Valentina Petrova

the head of the French party “National Union” marine Le Pen said that the country was not fully prepared for the situation with the pandemic coronavirus, according to RIA Novosti.

She noted that the lack of such a scenario has led to the fact that France had not tested and did not put the infected into quarantine. Le Pen said that officials previously offered plans to contain this situation, but none of them in the end was not implemented.

“For these reasons, we now live in complete isolation in France and faced with the failure of the state… the Situation is incompatible with the concept of the sixth world power,” – said Le Pen.

Among the reasons for the failure of preparation for a pandemic she also noted the lack of production of masks in France.

Earlier it became known that France has bought 1 billion of medical masks in China. The radio station France Info said that the country masks can be obtained only by prescription because of their scarcity.

France recorded a surge in domestic violence during the quarantine.

he was Also famous story about a Michelin chef from the French city of Dijon. He prepares take-away meals for the medical staff.

According to who, in France at the moment, the number of people infected with coronavirus close to the mark of 60 thousand people. More than 5 thousand people died as a result of infection. More than 12 thousand patients have been discharged from hospitals as the result of recovery.

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