Russia suspends all flights for the removal of the Russians from abroad – media

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Russia suspends all flights for the removal of the Russians from abroad. As reported RIA Novosti citing a source in the Russian airline flights will be suspended from April 4.

Initially, Russia from March 27 stopped regular and Charter flights to other countries due to the spread of coronavirus infection. Allow only flights for the removal of the Russians from abroad, as well as specialized cargo, mail, ambulance and humanitarian flights.

Later, from March 31, the government limited the number of Russians who can enter the country per day, to 500. The flight to Moscow, began to serve exclusively in Sheremetyevo airport. In other air harbors of Russia limit set at around 200 people.

on Friday, April 3, it became known about the opening in Moscow data Center of people coming from abroad. To work with the citizens of the Russian Federation will be 180 specialists. Forms will be processed around the clock.

the day in Russia 601 confirmed a new case coronavirus infection. COVID-19 registered in 32 regions. All in all, 78 regions of the country today revealed 4149 infections. During the day, recovered 46 people. Total hospital discharged 281 people.

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