By the early 20s, you already understood some of the love. Because it is the first falling in love that decisively shapes life. The 22-year-old singer-songwriter Franzi Harmsen also knows what love should bring her. “Perhaps not enough” is the debut single of the Troisdorf native, which was released last month.

“Perhaps not enough” shows that melancholic lyrics can also be combined on danceable electro beats. It is always an earwig. As in love, exciting contrasts in music can create great things. So if you think beats and emotions or youth and experiences shoot yourself out of love, you should get to know Franzi Harmsen and her unique single.

And how is Franzi doing in the days of corona-related isolation? We checked. And also get a nice selfie back.

Sick or healthy?
Definitely healthy! Right now you should particularly value your own health.

What is different in your everyday life now?
Actually, not much has changed for me, because I had previously been able to work a lot from home. What is missing is of course meeting friends or going to the gym around the corner.

Franzi Harmsen: Ihr Debüt haben schon fast 120.000 gesehen

Photo: private

How do you assess the situation for art and culture?
I think this is a very difficult time for all artists because the financial consequences of the pandemic are devastating for many and fear for their existence.

How can artists make sensible use of their reach (social media, etc.) in a crisis?
Many artists are currently using the time and are playing live concerts on all social networks from their living rooms. I think this is a very good way to get fans to stay at home, especially in the evenings, because they can look forward to nice entertainment. For me, such a small live session is definitely being planned.

Are there things you always wanted to do and now have time for?
I finally managed to clear out and move my room!

Still enough noodles and toilet paper in the house?
I’m actually not worried about pasta, and who’s going to get toilet paper from me next is still open. (laughs)

What’s the last photo you took on the phone?
Yesterday I took a picture of myself because for the first time in what felt like weeks, I was wearing jeans again


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