Helge Schneider instead of Stefan Raab

With the “Free ESC”, Stefan Raab (53, “Give the Hanf Free!”) And his former home station ProSieben have set up a well-known replacement event for the unusual Eurovision Song Contest. It should have taken place in Rotterdam at this time, but had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic. Presented by private broadcaster General Purpose Weapon Steven Gätjen (47) and the Austrian ESC clearer from 2014, Conchita Wurst (31), two questions arose at the beginning of the “Free ESC”: Who will be the winner of the event – and who is now the mysterious superstar who competes for Germany?

The heavytones as a show band, plus the well-known “TV total” voice from the off – actually only Stefan Raab was missing for the perfect nostalgia. And in fact, right at the beginning of the show there was a short recording of the former entertainer, in which he warbled the song “A Little Peace” as a mixture of ESC winner Nicole (55) and a hobbit.

But he did not compete for Germany, but another unique entertainer. With “Forever at Home” Helge Schneider (64) smashed a specially composed Corona song as a representative of the Federal Republic. In the end it shouldn’t be enough for Mister Katzenklo for the really big litter. But he got a very respectable fourth place.

There was also a surprise guest who climbed into the ring as the 16th participant. A certain astronaut aka Max Mutzke (38) flew directly from the moon, who most recently demonstrated his singing talent at the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”. It was also possible to vote for the appearance “Out of this world”, but he did not take the victory into space. In the end, he won bronze.

International stars like “Spice Girl” Mel C (43), Angelo Kelly (38) Lukas Podolski (34) and lo and behold, Mister Spuck (Michael Herbig, 52) from the (T) spaceship Surprise distributed on behalf of their respective country of birth (resp Moon) the points to the 16 candidates – although in good ESC tradition no points were allowed to be awarded for your own country.

Early on, Nico Santos (27), who competed for Spain, took the lead on the tableau. The lead seemed to be impossible to catch up to shortly before the end, but then it turned into a struggle between Spain and Ilse DeLange (43) for the Netherlands. The last points from Germany had to make the decision, and the announced Heidi Klum (46) and husband Tom Kaulitz (30) live from the USA. In the end they chose Santos as the winner of the first “Free ESC”, silver went to the Netherlands. Kate Hall (37), who sang for Denmark, had to make do with last place.

Vanessa Mai (28) for Croatia

Nico Santos for Spain

Sarah Lombardi (27) for Italy

Oonagh aka Senta-Sofia Delliponti (30) for Bulgaria

Josh. (34) for Austria

Gil Ofarim (37) for Israel

Stefanie Heinzmann (31) for Switzerland

Kelvin Jones (25) for Great Britain

Mike Singer (20) for Kazakhstan

Sion Hill (22) for Ireland

Helge Schneider for Germany

Eko Fresh (36) and Umut Timur (30) for Turkey

Ilse DeLange (43) for the Netherlands

Kate Hall for Denmark

Carolin Niemczyk (29) and Daniel Grunenberg (31) alias Glasperlenspiel for Poland

The astronaut alias Max Mutzke for the moon



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