Twelve million euros. So much money Berndt Schmidt, the managing Director of the Berlin Friedrich city Palace is for sure the most expensive stage show (only a small part of) subsidised theatre in Europe. In Germany, where a System of Three-branches-of – town theatres, and a few top houses more in the width than in the promotion of Excellence. “Vivid” is the name of this Show. Thus both the life as well as the identity, the ID is meant to be.

you will love it’s cool and kind of philosophical here. Even if it’s really just a matter of throwing in a new way, the hardened legs in the air.

flower, animal, Mutant?

The twelve million that are installed, for example, in the “toasters”, the technical Director is so nifty, because this small injection can shoot catapults people like slices of Bread in four seconds on the stage area. The money is also in the amphibian stick giant bridge that goes over the surface, and curves, the laser lights, smoke, flies and people. A insects prickly singer, for example, for the appearance of Philip Treacy, the mad Hatter, the Queen and the beautiful star world. Treacy is the Design flagship of the new Revue of Berlin’s entertainment Palace, which will run for two years. He also, you can see this clearly, was able to spend a lot of money.

For the absurd end of the rotary creatures, with butterflies on the head, exploding balls, curtains, rods, sensor. The unfold in the most beautiful, spreading, lounge, marching, and not more Ravel in a surreal jungle scene, where you don’t know, who is a frog, who is a dancer, a singer, Acrobat, musician. Where a loud animalistic imagination to create, to add somewhere between flower, animal, or Mutant, of a modern Baroque-style hidden object. Exquisite to look at and the viewing habits of what is commonly referred to as the Revue, once more on the head satisfactory.

This namely the man with the all over the world the name Berndt Schmidt would like to achieve. The office establishment of the 54-Year-old could also be in the Lounge of a cozy boutique hotels – and it stands in total contrast to the sober, almost industrial-like atmosphere of this gigantic entertainment factory whose mercy depends every 24 months by a single opening night of grace. After the show, then, is whether the millions were well invested-whether eight times the week nearly 2000 seats to fill. If not, then it will be called: “Berlin, we have a Problem.”

Until now, this was not so. At least, not since Berndt Schmidt, quiet, calm, but determined. The former Theater and production Manager of Stage Entertainment, the last rescue was in 2007, when the new time of many still scheel eyeing the Ex-GDR was in the dinosaur broke again. And the gentle Schwabe has done his thing since then, really good. Every Show that came out under his Auspices, was a bit more stylish, less flashy, glamorous, technically complex and of course more expensive than the one before.

away from the sweaty DDR-erotic Touch

The Friedrichstadt-Palast should way LOB of plush and cloud stores, the DFF-“Ein Kessel Buntes”-All kinds of things, from the memory of the unfortunate solo dancers, Maik Damboldt, the sandals before to his armchair edges adhesive Politburo in Gold and G-String his Ballerina and had to pry. Away from the animals, one of which is in the basement of the elephant Elevator demonstrates, away from the swimming pool, the ice rink and the sweaty DDR-erotic-Touch of velvet-soft S/M, weft, where at least one of the longing after the Musical cross-eyed Revue banging pics with the chains and the whip was popped while in the basement, in the little Revue, the bare Breasts were Bouncing.

Schmidt did not look to Paris or London, he wanted to be made in Berlin. And now he is about to be discovery mountain. The new, visually very impressive Show, “Vivid displays” in each game second. Even the number of dancers, inalienable identity pillars 32 well-shaped feet, which today is called the “kicker Line” has been re-thought. Android-like creatures with neon-bright, horizontal, Iroquois saints seem to be on the skull come from all sides of the stage to set up and throw the legs in the air. Ah, always nice! Or not, as one of the last run-throughs before the two weeks of Previews, it takes up such a gigantic amusement machinery, everything is newly invented, timed to the second, and like clockwork runs.

However, Alexandra Georgieva, the legendary Bulgarian ballet, ballroom, Empress, and breeding champion, mistress of 120 dancers legs – is more than most of the German theatres, has danced himself, of course, relaxed and generous. Although she has, for the first time the choir users line in this from many of the manuscripts together puzzelten amusement mosaic. Shouted “I have this Morning in the hall,” she says behind your production, and you can see how proud she is on your kerligen, long tuckigen dancers and their proud, lithe ladies. “The ballet is the heart of the house.” Well spoken. But around it, a new Revue of the body is produced each Time. As acrobats swing on earlier death wheels called huge swinging steel structures, new dance formations always appear in but fun decoration out of Nothing. As the orchestra conductor on the lights suddenly in the back of the tailcoat, and a pretty empty space dissolves the defined yet so clear, at Europe’s largest stage between new laser light batteries, and projections. All of this goes on almost imperceptibly. Who just flew through the air, dancing on the stage now.

The first artistic Director

As a seasoned musical singers such as Andreas Bieber looks quite small. The pass winds its way on high heels as “The Entertainer” between animal creations, and a not suitable for children doll house in the shape of the hat. And is just happy to be, “Great, Perfect, to be Professional. I’m here part of a complex machinery. Also an experience. I also can sleep two years at home.“

all of this is held for the first time in 99 Palace-years – of a woman: Krista Monson from Las Vegas. You, who works for the Cirque du Soleil, is the owner of all of the small wheels that allow the Revue drive purr. Quietly she sits on her Desk and puts together in addition to your Oliver Hoppmann, creative Director of the Palace, even from the older Era, her Co-author and Director. The originally studied business communication and to think about how to invent with the best inspiration from fashion, Film, Pop, dance and art, the Revue. And how do you find an audience of millions. 85 per cent of its expenditure, the Palace plays normally again at the checkout for 25 million euros. At the very back, under the sample kibitz, as two Stars from the Ex-Castorf-Volksbühne sit. With, Berndt Schmidt has at the Palace.

With the “Vivid” Schmidt is, even if this product works at the end of a little cooling, the puschige, but also narrow-minded Ost-heat of the old Palace can miss, his Ideal a bit closer to it. His Show celebrates glass-walled beauty of the Now, as the course of the unreal.


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