From Bank cards of Muscovites in 2019 stole 12 billion rubles

Photo: depositphotos/valphoto

the Crooks have stolen from Bank cards of Muscovites 12 billion rubles in 2019. This was stated by the Duma Deputy Natalia Metlina at the meeting on the subject of financial security of the citizens, according to RIA Novosti.

“is Steadily growing activities of the fraud by stealing a Bank card, a number of such attacks has increased over the past year in four times, almost 70% increase of crimes with use of means of communication”, – explained Melina.

the Deputy told that her statement is based on data from ATC SWAD gumvd of Russia in Moscow. The police explained to her that every day in the southwestern area the amount of damage reaches about 3 million rubles.

According to the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov, over the last three years a 15-fold increase in the number of cases of telephone fraud. The MP said that the attackers lead people astray as through personal calls and through text messages.

the specialists of Roskoshestvo advised Russians not to post personal information and any payment information in the public domain. Otherwise, the information can take possession of the attackers, and the consequences can be dire.

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