From Domodedovo airport drove about 300 workers

on the night of March 31 from Domodedovo drove about 300 migrant workers (about 200 of them are citizens of Tajikistan), who were trying to return home. Employees of embassies and airlines ignored people, says the journalist Galia Ibragimova.

Last night some men in uniform told the migrants that they should gather in one place, because for them, that’s it, the plane will fly. In fact, behind them came the representatives of law enforcement agencies. People were driven out and forbidden to return to the air Harbor. What to do next and where to go, they don’t know.

“We like horses plowing in Russia. We rarely take a day off. And now we are not wanted. We just dumped as unnecessary cargo. Why, so! Help!”, – says one of the Tajik people named Farooq.