About 900 thousand square meters each day clean and disinfect the subway

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

More than two thousand employees of the metro daily clean and disinfect the passenger area of the Moscow metro. Just processed about 900 thousand square metres of surface, according to the press service of the Metropolitan.

“This is a platform, the area of which is 413 thousand square meters, as well as floors, stairs at the stations, escalators and handrails, door lobbies,” reads the message.

the press service said that the staff of metro removed and podulichny transitions.

during daylight hours times 1.5-2 hours disinfect the surface, which often interact with passengers. It handles, turnstiles, cashier areas, handrails of escalators, vending machines for tickets.

Constantly disinfected compositions, including by ultraviolet light. Cars and infrastructure is treated with a disinfectant.

Earlier it was reported that in Mosgortrans has created a brigade for disinfection of public transport. Created in total 85 teams of workers is about 200 people.

For disinfection rolling stock Mosgortrans spends about 4 tons of antiseptics. The temperature of the drivers is measured at the exit in flight and on completion of work.

Since March 19, the Moscow metro has begun flushing tunnels disinfectant with the help of special machines.

Moscow carried out large-scale disinfection

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