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General Vatutin: how Bandera killed the commander of the 1st Ukrainian front

General Vatutin: how Bandera killed the commander of the 1st Ukrainian front

Another 25/03/20 General Vatutin: how Bandera killed the commander of the 1st Ukrainian front,

Zhukov believed this General a highly erudite and very workable military leader, Khrushchev remembered him as almost a non-drinker. Killed the commander of the 1st Ukrainian front, Nikolai Fyodorovich Vatutin in an absurd accident that can be prevented.

the Beginning and development of military career

prior To serving in the army farm boy from the Belgorod region Nikolay Vatutin nothing special did not show himself – he graduated from a County school (with a commendable list). His parents were middle peasants. Revolution took place by their families.
In April 1920, Vatutin called in the worker-peasant Red Army. In Ukraine, the red army Nikolai Vatutin fought the Makhno gangs and other enemies of Soviet power. He graduated from the school of infantry and received the title of commander of the red. From 1922 to 1926, the future General of the army he was promoted from squad leader to company commander. After graduating from the two military academies, the beginning of the great Patriotic war intelligent officer made a successful military and party career, he was acting chief of the General staff and was part of the Communist party in Ukraine.

the Commander of the fronts

Since the end of June 1941 N. Vatutin led the staff of the North-Western front, participated in several operations, among which was dominated by defensive – the situation on this front was not the best. In 1942, Nikolai Fedorovich several months served in the General staff, which was revoked by Stalin. Then he was appointed to command of the Voronezh front.
Compounds of the Voronezh front, commanded by Vatutin, conducted a series of offensive operations in which the Germans have failed in this area of the fighting to engage in the movement of troops required the Wehrmacht at Stalingrad and in the Caucasus. The battle for Voronezh turned out to be difficult, by August 1942, our troops were occupied only Osetrovskaya and Chizhovsky bridgehead.
In October of the same year, General Vatutin was appointed the new commander of the southwestern front. This front had to take part in the famous operation Uranus – the troops of the two fronts (South-West contributed to the Stalingrad front) managed to encircle more than 20 Nazi divisions. Further attempts were stopped Manstein to release group of Paulus, and German troops in January 1943 at Stalingrad defeated.
In March 1943, N. Vatutin took over the command of the Voronezh front. Nikolay Fedorovich has developed a plan for the first phase of the famous battle of Kursk strategic defensive operation. In October of the same year, Vatutina – new and recent in his life purpose – the commander of the 1st Ukrainian front (so renamed Voronezh front).
Vatutin involved in the battle for the Dnieper in Kiev offensive and defensive operations, in several other offensive actions of the red Army. The last of them for the General of the army was Exactly-Lutsk operation.

Went on undiscovered road

a Severe wound, which eventually cost General of the army life, Vatutin received, making inspection trip in late February 1944 – Nikolai Fyodorovich wanted to personally oversee the preparations for the combat operations of the 60th army.
Two staff cars, one of which was traveling N. F. Vatutin, ran into an ambush near the village Miletino (Rivne region) by a gang of Ukrainian nationalists from the Ukrainian insurgent army (banned in the Russian organization). A platoon of guards Nikolai Fedorovich on the fateful coincidence, moved by another road, and route chosen by Vatutin, was undiscovered.
the General was shot by the attackers collaborators along with everyone and was wounded in the thigh. Vatutin seriously wounded were evacuated to the hospital in Kiev, where his treatment involved the best military doctors, including the chief surgeon of the red Army N. N. Burdenko. The result of the exit wound on the thigh Nikolai Fedorovich wasand fragmented bone. Doctors could not cope with gas gangrene, who had a wounded man, despite surgical intervention and used in the treatment of ultramodern drug penicillin. The situation would have saved the amputation of the leg, but the General has forbidden it to do.
by 15 April of the same year General of the army died from blood poisoning. Two days later he was buried in Kiev. He was the third son of his mother who died in that war – all three died in 1944.
the name of the Hero of Soviet Union of General Vatutin named tens of streets and avenues settlements of the now former Soviet Union, two of the ship and the steamer.

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