Why did the SS soldiers feared Soviet captivity

History 25/03/20 Why SS soldiers feared Soviet captivity

the SS was subordinate personally to Hitler and Reichsfuhrer-SS Himmler. During the Second world war, run by the SS were concentration camps and death camps. It seemed that at the mercy of the captive count such people have not, however, the Soviet government decided to use former SS for their own purposes.

Brutal fascism

Hitler justified the introduction of the Waffen SS in 1940 that “great German state,” it was necessary “to provide and maintain the internal authority of the Reich.” This was done in an extremely brutal methods. The population of the occupied territories, members of the formation were treated brutally: no one is spared, equally mercilessly treated as men and women.

One of the soldiers recalled: “I saw the SS hanged 14 people. I asked him, why hang these people, but I was not given any answer and only grinned and said, “You see now, these people will hang out “. Prisoners they claimed that cruelty is the highest quality of soldier. The SS said: “Hitler put before the German army with the task to exterminate all the Slavic peoples and to subjugate Germany the whole world.” German criminals seemed to feel “noble teachers” actively taught the prisoners to pacify and suppress rebellious inhabitants, boasted of the number of people killed with their own hands. “Fascist beasts”, so named them one of the soldiers.


Many of the SS were captured by the red army in 1944. Himmler hastily formed SS division and sent them to the Eastern front. Military leader made the mistake of wanting to demonstrate the power of the “Teutons” to Hitler. People in black uniforms had to look for loopholes, to ensure safety.

“We were obsessed with only one thought – not to get captured”, – told after the war, the participant of operation on the Eastcnom front Heinrich Wolff. Confirm these words, and Eduard Janke, a soldier of the second SS Panzer division “Das Reich”: “We noted the fact, and especially us, the SS that they [the soldiers] will not be anyone to take prisoners. They would put us up against the wall, and so we fought to the last bullet”.

Afraid of the brutality of the red army not only Germans, but also Dutch. They believed the stories about the atrocities of Soviet soldiers and even hoped to stay alive after being hit by the enemies. Esesovtsy often agreed to “help” the wounded German soldiers – that the colleague has not taken prisoner by the red army, he was zastrelili.

German flying ACE Erich Hartmann, being in Soviet captivity, with surprise said: “the Camp is under the control of the Russian secret police. Her help of German traitors. They call themselves antifa. On close examination, they turn out to be former SS doctors”. Most recently, brutally killing civilians, the SS went over to the enemy, to save himself from punishment.

In the captivity of the militias was questioned. Fanatics of Hitler’s regime destroyed or sent to the mines. Those who are not eager to die slowly in a mining company, was forced to agree to cooperate with the Soviet Union.

Many of the thugs that had decided to “reprogramming” of captivity went on to study in the anti-fascist school in Krasnogorsk. School that trained intelligence officers, counter-espionage and the future guards for the Soviet sector of Germany. He later formed the GDR. Headed school Communist Wilhelm Zaisser born in Germany. The future Minister of state security of the GDR decided that the SS should “handle” and send in the intelligence and secret police. In June 1945, the sector was sent first 300, and then another thousand people. Zisser, taking the place of the head of the East German Ministry of security, has hired two former SS – Ragada of Tapper and Johanna SleighTara.

From letters of former SS can understand that some Germans were sent home at the expiration time of stay in a secure camp. Information not proven, but given humane treatment of the red army to the former members of the military SS formation, it is not difficult to believe.

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