Alcohol breakdown and hot dances

“Germany’s next top model” is going into the big final round today (Thursday, May 21). Season 15 was also characterized by many highs, but also some lows. In addition to the traditional embroidery and drama in the model villa, two candidates in particular were remembered due to their emotional life stories. In addition, Heidi Klum (46) once again triumphed with plenty of prominence on the jury chairs, including an old acquaintance. These were the highlights from 2023.

Contestant Lucy was not only remembered by the audience because of her beautiful appearance. The 21-year-old from Kassel also told a very special story in front of the camera: she was born a boy and came out as a transsexual at 18. Since then, Lucy has been open about the topic and is proud of herself and her body. Even in revealing shoots, she didn’t balk at showing bare skin. She has been happily awarded for a year.

While Lucy’s story ultimately took a positive course and is an inspiration for many, Maribel had to deal with a severe blow. About four years ago, she lost her parents, sister, and three family dogs in a serious car accident. Then she grew up with her grandmother. Over time, however, the 18-year-old has struggled back to life. In “GNTM” she made it to eighth place.

It is well known that there is a nude shoot in every season at “Germany’s next top model”. In season 15, however, Klum asked her model candidates to undress twice. While there were still a lot of dramas and tears in the first photo set on the beach with a horse, the remaining ten girls showed themselves professionally and confidently when shooting for a charity calendar in a row.

“GNTM” would not be “GNTM” if there were no embattles and dramas in the model villa every now and then. There was plenty of that in season 15. The reason: The “Austrians” – meant Tamara (19), Maureen (20) and Sarah (20) – and the “athletes” – Lijana (24), Larissa (19) and initially also Jacky (21) just didn’t come up with a common denominator There were constant disputes and disagreements between the groups. Lijana’s ambition and self-confidence also played a major role in this.

Towards the end of the season, Jacky cut himself off from Lijana and Larissa. When Jacky Larissa “stole” the curling iron during a casting, the former friends finally became enemies.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lijana and Larissa caused another excitement shortly before the semi-finals. Klum does not allow her candidates to consume alcohol in the villa. Nevertheless, Larissa and Lijana took a bottle of wine. Given the past bitchiness, it was no surprise that her fellow campaigners didn’t accept it. “A pretty stupid action,” Jacky accused her former friends.

During the shoot, Larissa and Lijana confessed their mistake. Klum reacted indignantly – but ultimately showed mercy. Then the wine ladies made up for their breach of the rule by cleaning the kitchen and baking cakes.

The model contenders not only had to prove themselves this year on the catwalk and in shootings. Her dancing skills were also in demand several times: In episode eleven, Klum asked her protégés to take them to the dance floor for salsa, discofox, charleston and tango. They received support from professional dancer Massimo Sinató (39). In episode 13, the girls then brought the Pussycat Dolls back to life and put a sexy dance insert in the decision. She coached none other than Nicole Scherzinger (41, “Killer Love”) herself, who was also a guest judge that week.

In episode 14 Thomas Hayo made a short comeback. Not only his close friend Klum was looking forward to the creative director, who was on the “GNTM” jury from 2011 to 2018. The candidates were also happy to have Hayo around for a week. A fun teaching ensured a good mood in the group. When shooting, the 51-year-old made use of his years of experience and provided the girls with tips.

In addition to Hayo, Sinató and Scherzinger, Klum once again featured prominent figures in the jury chairs this season. Greats such as actress Milla Jovovich (44), model Alessandra Ambrosio (39), moderator Rebecca Mir (28), fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni (33) and model Coco Rocha (31) were there. In the semifinals, the opinion of top model Toni Garrn (27) as guest judge was also asked.

For the first time in the history of “Germany’s next top model” the final (8:15 p.m. live on ProSieben) will take place without Heidi Klum. The reason is the travel difficulties due to the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, ProSieben promises an exciting and entertaining finale for the evening. Klum herself will choose her winner live from Los Angeles, as she announced. According to the broadcaster, the final will take place in a television studio in Berlin without an audience.



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