Debbie Harry (74) is known as the lead singer of the new wave band Blondie for her glamorous outfits with a punk attitude. But the times are long gone. Meanwhile, the musician prefers the casual look.

“Actually, I always try to dress comfortably. I don’t like to be too distracted by my clothes because I still want them to complement me and to bring my body to its best advantage. ”

Skirts and boots

The ‘Call Me’ hit maker, of course, still loves her legendary looks from the past, which she didn’t all come up with on her own. In an interview with Bebe Rexha, she further explained the ‘InStyle’ for ‘Style Crush’: “Over the years I have had a lot of help with my appearance – especially from designer Stephen Sprouse in the early days. He came from the punk corner himself. I was never afraid to wear crap or torn things. But he really taught me which styles are the best for me.

A surefire method has always been thigh-high boots with short skirts, long coats and a beret. He wanted me to look like Faye Dunaway. ”Debbie still likes to wear skirts and boots today. The blonde added: “I always felt very comfortable in short skirts and overknees. It just worked for me. But when I work with a stylist, I try to be open-minded, because sometimes you experience a really good surprise that takes you in a new direction. ” (Bang)


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