With her debut album “Supersize” Shirin David wrote music history last year and set several records. She is the first German urban artist ever to conquer # 1 on the album charts.

This was followed by further milestones, the award with the largest German media award “Bambi” in the “Shooting Star” category, her second perfume “Created by Shirin” and a worldwide advertising campaign with adidas for the 50th anniversary of the superstar – including Pharrell Williams, Jonah Hill and Anitta.

Fantastic curves

Now the Hamburg native, who has over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.1 million followers on Instagram, is back from the creative break and is dropping her new single “90 – 60 – 111” today.

The 25-year-old is currently working on her second album, which her fans are eagerly awaiting. “90 – 60 – 111” is of course more than just a number game in the title: Shirin David takes up the model size cliché (chest 90 cm – waist 60 cm – hip 90 cm) and declares it the norm from the day before yesterday, after all, one is allowed Woman have curves!

Once again, the power woman whistles for rules and confidently faces the doubters. “90 – 60 – 111” also stands for self-love, body positivity and tolerance, one’s own reflection and other girls.


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