Glasperlenspiel are back with their new single “Immer da” and with their new and very personal song reflect the feelings of many people in the current situation.

Because especially in weeks of social isolation and limited freedom of movement, one likes to think back to the carefree times.

“You are everyday magic, my secret hiding place”

Everyone does this in their own way: some revive an old hobby, others look at old pictures for hours and listen to your favorite songs in order to briefly escape from everyday life.

Carolin and Daniel von Glasperlenspiel have also been accompanied by music for their whole life, their new single “Always there” is a homage to the music that is always with us in our good and bad moments:


“I close my eyes briefly and you take me away, you are everyday magic, my secret hiding place, I fall asleep with you, I wake you up […] No matter where I was, you were always there.”

The official music video for “Always there” is peppered with very personal photos and videos from Caro’s childhood and youth. So the clip reflects the nostalgia of the new single quite well.


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