Green Day has not been arguing for a long time since they have been making music together for so many years. The ‘Basket Case’ performers, consisting of front man Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool, will therefore always find a common denominator when it comes to their music, even if they have different tastes and opinions in the process of creating an album.

Mike said in an interview with ‘Bassist’ magazine about the mood in the band: “I’ve been playing with Billie since I was ten and now I’m 47. The thing is, we’re friends and we grew up together a long time ago – if it was so if it gets weird or difficult, we can just talk about it. We are all different people, but there is a common denominator in music … ”

Other bands took it easy

Green Day rehearsed every day for years – when they found out that not every band takes up so much time, the musicians were quite surprised. “Until ‘Uno! DOS! Tre! ‘ From 2012 we rehearsed four to six days a week between tours and albums, ”Mike continues,“ I was shocked when I talked to other bands. I was really surprised and thought ‘you don’t rehearse every day?’ ”(Bang)


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