Some people have so many different talents that it’s almost unfair. Hailee Steinfeld is not only successful as an actress and fashion icon, but also a gifted singer.

With songs such as “Wrong Direction” and “Capital Letters”, the 23-year-old not only made it into the charts, but even onto the soundtrack of the whip make-up “50 Shades of Gray”.

Hailee Steinfeld wäre gerne Mitglied bei dieser Girlgroup hier

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Is there a collaboration?

Nevertheless, the ex-girlfriend of One Direction star Niall Horan has a big dream: she would like to be the fifth member of the British girl group Little Mix, as she reveals in an interview with “I love her and think she is incredibly talented.”

Hailee Steinfeld also finds the music of the four British women extremely “versatile and inspiring”, as she further explains: “I would really say that they always make at least one song in every playlist that I put together.” Steinfeld’s opinion makes Little Mix the right music for every situation.

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“They are just great and I’m a big fan. It would be really great to work with the girls in the future.”

But the beautiful “Bumblebee” star did not want to reveal whether something concrete was already planned.


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