She is a “standing up lady”

What the fans have suspected for almost two weeks has now been confirmed by “Unter Uns” star Claudelle Deckert (46). In an Instagram story that has since disappeared and was archived by RTL , the actress tells that she broke up with her husband after seven years of marriage. Deckert “has reported very little lately” as she opens a short video. The 46-year-old had to deal with “some issues” emotionally in her life.

“First of all, I had to leave this separation behind and also close emotionally and […] you know that, separations never go well, unless it is by mutual agreement”, which is usually not the case. The situation had “very, very, very stressful, very aggravated”. She had withdrawn to bring clarity to her life and to put herself in order.

Deckert is meanwhile “on the right track” again and she gets “nothing so quickly” because she is a “standing up lady”. After all, they love the beautiful side of life and positivity. Guesses that the “Unter Uns” star had split up on May 17. Deckert had posted a picture of herself on Instagram , for which she added the hashtags “#happy” and “#single”.

In May 2013, Deckert confirmed that she had married her boyfriend Oliver. “Yes, it’s true, I got married in Vegas,” RTL quoted the actress . “It was a happy and very varied wedding and I am very happy. But I ask for your understanding that I will not say more to protect my private life. ”



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