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In “The Morning Show” US comedian Steve Carell (57, “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”) Was most recently at the side of Jennifer Aniston (51, “Friends”) and Reese Witherspoon (44, “Big Little Lies”) to be seen in a drama series. “Space Force” will be the comedy series with the actor from May 29th on the Netflix streaming service. In it, he does not give good credit to US President Donald Trump (73) and his favorite project founded in 2019, the United States Space Force (USSF).

The United States Space Force is planned as the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces. It is said to take over the military space missions for which the US Air Force was previously responsible. A new American space army. In early 2024, the U.S. Space Force uniforms and logo were introduced, which could include up to 15,000 people in the first five years.

In “Space Force”, four-star General Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell) is assigned to lead the newly formed sixth US armed forces. He can hardly hide his skepticism, but he accepts the challenge because he has long dreamed of a leadership position in the Air Force. He moves with his family to a remote military base in the US state of Colorado. There he has a diverse team of scientists and space soldiers at his disposal, which should ensure that the Americans will soon land on the moon again and achieve the absolute dominance of space.

Already in the first trailer it becomes clear that some things go wrong with this mission.

Steve Carell is not just the main actor. Together with Greg Daniels (56), he also had the idea for the series. The two already worked together on “The Office” (2005-2013). Greg Daniels acts as a show runner on “Space Force”. Steve Carell also has top-class support in front of the camera.

For example, John Malkovich (66, “The New Pope”) plays the scientist Dr. Adrian Mallory. Ben Schwartz (38, “House of Lies”) embodies the Space Force social media director, F. Tony Scarapiducci. “Friends” star Lisa Kudrow (56) can be seen as Carell’s serial wife Maggie Naird. Series daughter Erin Naird plays Diana Silvers (22, “Booksmart”). Tawny Newsome (37) appears as helicopter pilot Angela Ali. “Glee” star Jane Lynch (59) takes on the role of Chief of Naval Operations, that is the senior officer and chief of admiral of the US Navy.

In one of his last roles, the US comedy star Fred Willard (1939-2020), who died on May 15, 2024, can be seen. He is with Steve Carell as the serial father Fred Naird. Showrunner Greg Daniels said Willard received a standing ovation on the set for a scene in the first episode. After delivering the given text in the script “brilliantly”, Willard was allowed to improvise on the scene and his version was finally completely adopted.



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