Folk singer Heino (81) was also hard hit by the spread of the corona virus. Because the singer had to cancel a large number of appearances. Since Heino and his wife Hannelore (78) both belong to the risk group of the virus, the two hardly come out at the moment. For Heino & Hannelore, however, this is no reason to fall into trouble, as the two now confirm in an interview.

The coronavirus becomes a great danger, especially for older people. Folk singer Heino is, however, fully aware of this danger: “We belong to the risk group. We have to be careful at the moment, ”explains the 81-year-old on the phone. Nevertheless, the singer seems to be in the best of spirits for his wife Hannelore. “Why should we complain too? Now is our best time! Despite Corona, ”explains Hannelore. What she particularly likes is that the couple finally have time for themselves. Because of the concert cancellations there is of course no appointment stress. “It’s nice sometimes,” Hannelore openly admits. “You can enjoy that. In addition, we are still spoiled here at home! ” During the corona quarantine, a couple of friends are helping them.

Every morning they get fresh bread from their friends. “And Heino’s beloved daily newspapers and the post,” says Hannelore. “That is always important to my husband!” While Hannelore then takes care of the office work, the singer goes for a half hour walk every day. Because Heino also has to keep a little fit. His ‘Heino goes Klassik’ tour is already planned for autumn. In the evening, the two are brought over to dinner before the two have fun playing board games. “Then we play rummy. Sometimes I even let Heino win, which is always good for our house blessing, ”Hannelore smiles. “We enjoy every day. There is no argument. We are well attuned to one another – after 41 years you know each other, so you can spend good time together, ”explains Hannelore the advantages of the long relationship. It’s good to hear that the two of them seem to be the best things even in this difficult time.



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