"We still have time"

Angelina (28) and Sebastian Pannek (33) had pulled out of the traffic on Instagram for a few hours, and wild speculations were already being made. Is the baby already there? Why are there no new pictures and updates of the couple? No more, said the expectant mother. She was "very scared" about the rumors about the birth of her son, as she now announced in a multi-part Instagram story. In order to bring all followers up to date, she explained: "No, we are not in the hospital." The couple simply enjoyed cellphone-free time on the sofa.

Of course, the two would understand that their fans want to take part in their private lives. However, you would not make the current week of pregnancy a secret without reason. The small family Pannek wanted to enjoy private happiness – when the time finally came.

The 28-year-old asked her followers for understanding. Once the child is out and about, Instagram would no longer be a priority for the time being. "Of course you will notice when there is a week of rest here," said the mother-to-be. Then she sent a message to the enthusiastic fan community: “We still have time, people. So please relax. "



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