For many weeks, hit queen Helene Fischer has completely disappeared from the public eye. Some of her fans even believe that the chart topper has a sweet secret. Now insiders from their homeland comment on this topic.

It has been almost nine months since Helene Fischer had contact with her loyal fans. Since then, there is absolute radio silence not only on the show stage but also on social networks. Many of her fans are now wondering whether the pop singer took this long break for a particularly sweet reason. "Maybe Helene is pregnant and she doesn't want to show that," speculates an employee of the local supermarket in Inning am Ammersee, where the pop singer is building a house together with her partner Thomas Seitel. Could Germany's hit queen really have taken her time out because of a possible pregnancy?

Apparently not, because the rumors immediately dissolve in the local gym. Because Helene Fischer regularly trained there shortly before the onset of the Corona crisis. And all users of the studio were thrilled by the singer's six-pack. However, none of the athletes at Helene saw a baby bump. However, TV station RTL has now learned from insiders the real reason for the singer's long break. Supposedly Helene is already working on new songs for an album. Then the fans of Helene can at least look forward to new hits from the successful singer.



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