Entertainment god Helge Schneider is back! That is, actually not really, because he was always there somehow. Here are his latest fantasies in blue, yellow, red, green and – also in purple.

The great entertainer Helge composed a song: slightly different text, slightly different melody! “Forever at home” is an autobiographical pandemic forced isolation masterpiece with unfortunately catchy tune quality.

Single just released

With the famous Louis Armstrong in his luggage, the catchy number begins with a homely feeling at home. What comes in the next 3 and a half minutes touches, because in the end it is something true!

The new single, which premiered at Stefan Raab’s “Free European Song Contest”, is immediately out. A new album is announced for August.

Helge Schneider: Hier ist sein neuer Riesenhit "Forever at home"

Photo: my super mouse




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