Small car flings out of a curve in a moat – the fire brigade has to rescue two seriously injured people with hydraulic equipment – a rescue helicopter flies one person to the clinic!

The infamous Schlater Buckel struck again on Wednesday evening. The winding route is popular with many motorcyclists, but the angle of the curves can also cause problems. The two occupants of a Toyota had to experience this painfully. They drove from Deggingen towards Schlat in their small car. Possibly due to carelessness, the driver came off the road in the curve and crashed into a moat.

The impact did not pinch the occupants, but injured them so severely that they could not get out of their own strength. The fire department removed the roof with hydraulic equipment before the injured were released. They were seriously injured to a hospital by helicopter and an ambulance. The police have started investigating the cause of the accident.



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