came To the Chaos of it as the machine due to the air holes got into strong turbulence. Images circulating on Social Media, show trashed the machine. Food, Luggage and other personal belongings of the passengers were scattered about the floor of the aircraft. Other pictures show oxygen masks dangling from the ceiling.

Twelve people were injured, eight had to be dealt with after landing at the hospital. Others were treated on-site, in the plane and in the airport of the Crew members of the Airline. A spokeswoman for Aerolineas Argentinas said to the British "Sun": "When the flight landed, informed the company of his First aid kit to help those passengers carried by the turbulence injuries."

In the FOCUS Online/Glomex, That was the Comeback of Stefan Raab in Cologne, Germany mkm/dpa Buenos Aires, Miami international airport Airline security turbulence


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