This does not mean, however, that the 41-Year-old young Model, everything can go – for example, when Aurora loads revealing pictures of themselves on Instagram. In the Interview with “t-online” says Hunziker: “Auri is really perfect in dealing with Social Media, she is always ironic. You know exactly where the border is". Her daughter was “never too sexy”. “In the meantime, however, it is a bit naive. She is 21 and she realizes that it is too much, if you, for example, makes a photo in a Bikini from the back,“ the TV-blonde. Instagram_therealauroragram Sexy on the beach: Aurora Ramazzotti

"mom, you’re old-fashioned!"

So it happened, that Hunziker was talking to her daughter, to the Conscience: “If one sees too much of your butt, then I’ll give you a call and say can you take this photo away?!" your daughter would say: "mom, you’re old-fashioned!"

And indeed: Scrolls you through Aurora’s Instagram profile for some sexy beach and Bikini pictures of the 21 – Year-old. Also Aurora’s friend Goffredo Cerza. Instagram_therealauroragram too much Popo on the pictures call Michelle Hunziker also have a look at her daughter.

"it conveys positive emotions on your profile"

at the same time Hunziker admits, to find the profile of your daughter is very beautiful. “I can tell her anything, she is perfect. It conveys positive emotions on your profile", the Swiss-born. Here are the entertainment-subscribe to our Newsletter

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In the FOCUS Online/Glomex Fans are excited: Here’s Michelle Hunziker and daughter Aurora in a duet lsg singing


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