Home mode. Muscovites observed a withdrawal

As the Muscovites to comply with self-isolation

Muscovites have switched to home mode isolation in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. During the off weeks everyone is busy with his Hobbies, TV channel Moscow 24.

In the period of self-isolation Muscovites trying to come up with new classes. So, a retired military man, Mikhail Kuznetsov collects models of cruisers and sailboats and pedaling the bike while his wife embroider with beads and cross.

the couple asked the citizens to take responsibility for introduced in the city mode of self-isolation. They said that the situation on the streets indicates that not all understand the seriousness of what is happening.

“Today in the Park walked a lot of people. It was the children, it was the grandmother who, far more than 60 years. Please take care of yourself! Do not go outside,” said the couple.

the Mode of self-isolation do not comply with all. Thus, the city is still visibly running past people who refer to the inability to stop exercising, or elderly citizens sitting on a Park bench.

“Parks help to escape from coronavirus. They divide people and give the opportunity to breathe, to avoid pneumonia, you need to light worked. So I move around on the bike. Today we drove 40 kilometers,” – said the walking around town a Muscovite.

does Not comply with the imposed in the city limits and youth. Many believe that the coronavirus poses no threat to society, but the virus itself is not worse than ordinary flu.

“If you are destined to get sick, then get sick, it’s nothing, it’s like a simple flu. Well, as for the other. Young people from not dying. But it is terrible for our parents. Grandmothers and grandfathers,” said a young couple.

do the faithful regime of self-isolation

a Similar situation is observed near the temple of Christ the Savior. Many believers do not cease to visit the Church and monastery, in spite of a regime of self-isolation.

“Eif we go to Church and pray to God for salvation, no virus and especially coronavirus infection, we will not be a problem,” opined one of the older residents.

on the Eve of an appeal to pray to God at home appealed to the citizens of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill. The priest recognized that in the world there remains a high threat of spread of the virus, which can concern and Russia.

however, he expressed the opinion that most Russians are not aware of the full implications of the coronavirus. The Patriarch urged to take responsibility for the orders of the authorities and not to leave the house.

Sergei Sobyanin from March 30 imposed restrictions on movement around the city. From the apartment you can go only in cases of emergency medical aid and other direct threats to life and health, commuting (if required).

to get out of the house it is possible to make purchases from the store or pharmacy. Allowed the walking of Pets at a distance not exceeding 100 meters from the residence.

March 11, the who officially declared a pandemic of a novel coronavirus in the world. Europe became the center of the pandemic COVID-19. In the world are already infected more than 638 thousand people, more than 30 thousand died. In Russia recorded more than 1.8 thousand cases, cured 66 people. For the entire period died nine people.

Moscow carried out large-scale disinfection

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