Alec Völkel (48) and Sascha Vollmer (48) from The BossHoss will host the new show “The Mole – Who can you trust?” (English: “The Mole”), which starts on Wednesday, May 6, 2022, at 8:15 p.m. Clock is broadcast on Sat.1. Ten candidates fight in challenges across Argentina for up to 100,000 euros. But one of them sabotages the group in secret – the candidates have to search for the “mole”. “The attraction of ‘The Mole’ was to shoot in Argentina, travel across the country and broaden our horizons,” explains Sascha Vollmer in an interview with the news agency spot on news. The shooting was very varied.

“Every day a new setting, a new location and a new set. We were on the road a lot, on the water, high up in the mountains and in the air, in catacombs and urban areas like Buenos Aires, ”he says. For Alec Völkel, “The Mole” is different from other reality shows. “It’s not about sex, nudity, disgusting limits or the like, but about psychology, knowledge of human nature, the ability to combine and sense,” explains the singer. Once you get into the game, don’t let go of it and you want to know who the “mole” is.

A good “mole” has to constantly arouse suspicion, said Völkel. “He shouldn’t be too good and not too bad in the challenges so as not to attract attention. Since the candidates are always together – even if there is no shooting, he must always be ‘on’. ”The two moderators did not know until the end who the group’s saboteur was. That was the right decision because it was so exciting for them, Vollmer said. “We were able to cheer, combine and guess until the end. In addition, there was no risk of gossiping or behaving conspicuously. ”

Would the two musicians make a good “mole”? “We often slip into stage mode and let our alter ego run wild. However, this is not completely played and this role belongs to us as much as our private side. That would probably be nothing for us and we prefer to stay at our main show place, ”emphasizes Völkel. When working in front of the camera, “walking the tightrope between easy hosting in our way and still being on point in terms of content” was the biggest challenge, he says. “Double moderation is known to be the premier class, so we had to be careful not to repeat ourselves, but to complement each other.”

Vollmer said that her musical work was naturally affected by the current corona pandemic. “We live from concerts and big events. Our summer tour was canceled and we are very sad about it, ”says the 48-year-old. “Fortunately, we were able to schedule almost all of the dates in 2022 and now we just have to wait and scratch with our hooves.” Whether on stage with a band or on TV: the musicians appear primarily as a permanent duo. How can they maintain their connection in Corona times?

“From time to time we see each other and make music or sit together and talk about the measures that have to be taken,” reveals Völkel. They often spoke on the phone or had video meetings. The rest of the time they worked “on new songs, spend a lot of time with our families and do homeschooling with the kids”, Vollmer adds. “Fortunately, the weather is getting better and we can get a lot out of it – cruising in a classic car, bike or boat.” For the time ahead, Völkel wishes above all “endurance, don’t panic and that people stay reasonable.”


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