In China, the share had recovered from the coronavirus was 93%

the Number of patients with coronavirus in China every day declining, now in hospitals there are 2396 employees, however, 93% of all infected have recovered. This is evidenced by the data of the state Committee of health of the PRC.

According to the latest information, the number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in mainland China amounted to 470 81, including 75 770 recovered and was discharged from the hospital.

In total since the beginning of the epidemic throughout China with the exception of Hubei province there were 13 669 cases, including 118 deaths, the mortality rate was 0.86 percent. In the Hubei province, where for the first time there was an outbreak of a new coronavirus, was discovered 67 801 cases of infection, 3186 people dead, mortality made up 4.69%.