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Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko.

Working remotely, it is important to arrange your workspace to in the future to avoid problems with locomotor and vision, said the General practitioner clinical hospital № 13 of the Moscow Department of health Cyril Glibc.

He said that the main task is to select the table around which will already be built the rest of the furniture and decor. The physician noted that the working surface should be large enough to accommodate all the tools that I use constantly.

“If you only occasionally check e-mail, it is enough for a small table to put a laptop and a Cup of coffee. If you work remotely all the time – look at the multifunction large tables. What you use all the time, put in the “space capture” area of the table, which you can easily reach with your hands” – quoted Glibko the Agency “Moscow”.

Also, according to the specialist, it is important to choose the right chair. It needs to have variable height padded seat, the legs should reach the floor and bend at an angle of 90 degrees. For back support and proper blood circulation in the body on the chair should be ergonomic backrest with adjustable tilt.

Also in the workplace should be light enough – it is best to stay near the window and use a table lamp.

the Doctor warned that spending long periods in an uncomfortable posture and a poorly lit room leads to the emergence of diseases of the locomotor apparatus, organs of vision, and rapid fatigue.

In between the expert advises to do gymnastics, including the eyes. This will help to distract and to give the brain to relax.

on 29 March the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement in the capital. The apartment will be permitted to leave only for emergency medical help, shopping at the nearest store or pharmacy.

Also, residents of Moscow can leave the apartment if they need walk the dog, empty the trash or get to work. It is necessary to keep distance with other people in 1.5 meters. The same measures introduced in the suburbs.

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