In Moscow identified 197 new cases COVID-19

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

In recent days in the capital recorded 197 cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19. It is reported by the operational headquarters of Moscow for the control of disease.

Among the new cases of 152 persons at the age from 18 to 65 years, and 32 people older than 65 years. Also coronavirus was confirmed in 13 children. In Moscow, to date, recorded 1,014 cases of coronavirus.

Oberstab reports that all patients and contact people are on medical supervision. It is noted that 13 patients in the last two weeks visited European countries.

On the territory of Moscow operates on high alert, aimed at deterring infection. From March 28 to April 5, limit the operation of cafes, restaurants, public spaces and retail stores, introduced a non-working week for people who can’t work remotely.

Sergei Sobyanin called on citizens over 65 and people with chronic diseases to follow a policy of self-isolation. The products and services will help them to volunteers and social workers.

In Russia, just was 1534 cases of infection with coronavirus. In recent days discharged from the hospital 15 people for the entire period prescribed 64 people.

In those areas, and is non-stop construction of a new infectious center

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