In Russia increased sales of vitamins and soothing

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in Russia In the first week of March saw increase in sales of vitamins and sedative drugs in pharmacies. It is reported RT with reference to the analytical company DSM Group.

it is Noted that 21.1 million packages of vitamins bought in the pharmacies of the country in the period from 1 to March 22. This is 31% higher than the same period last year.

Also recorded an increase in sales of sedatives and 11.4 million units, which is 15% more than in the same period of 2019.

According to analysts, the increase in sales of vitamins and sedatives gradually began in January 2022. In the first two months of this year were sold 4-5 million boxes of vitamins per week, and in mid-March, weekly sales increased to 9 million.

According to the therapist Lyudmila Paws, it may be associated with the dissemination of information about the coronavirus. The specialist also stressed that the uncontrolled ingestion of sedatives dangerous to health. This includes vitamins, she said.

Earlier, the chief physician ENT-clinic, candidate of medical Sciences Vladimir Zaitsev told about the preventive measures during dissemination of coronavirus.

So, the hares advised in the morning on an empty stomach to bury antiviral nasal drops and handle it oxolinic ointment, and in the evening to wash the nose with salt solution. For the throat the doctor recommended the use of tincture of calendula, which is able to soften the mucous membrane and gargle with antiseptics, water-based.

He advised during the period of increased incidence of the use of ascorbic acid and vitamins C, d at Home he recommended to put a humidifier, frequently wash their hands or use the gel on alcohol base.

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