In Russia pneumonia developed in 14% of cases of coronavirus

“we conduct monitoring on the incidence of and mortality from pneumonia of other etiologies. For this section compared to the year 2019, the mortality rate is lower by almost 9%,” said ant.

According to him, the Ministry of health conducts daily monitoring of all pneumonias, regardless of their origin and provides all patients the same help. However, Murashko did not specify how many total in the country in patients with pneumonia and what part of them is caused by a coronavirus.

the Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova confirmed that her Department also does not track the increase in the incidence of pneumonia. The level of pneumonia, according to her, does not exceed the long-term. The surge, which was observed earlier last week were ironed out.

According to Popova, in 63% of patients with coronavirus have the symptoms of SARS, 14% develop pneumonia, 22% carry the disease without symptoms.

on Friday Popova voiced slightly different proportions: then she said that the symptoms of SARS have 72% of the infected new infection, pneumonia 10%, and no symptoms suffer 17%.

Over the weekend, it has also increased the number of contact of patients, i.e. those who have not been abroad and became infected from relatives, friends or in transport.

At the end of last week, according to Popova, was 20%, now 25%.

the Head of Rospotrebnadzor also said that along with the increase in the number of cases COVID-19, the number of patients with SARS and influenza is reduced. “We are monitoring and are sure that there is no mimicking coronavirus infection”, – says Popov.

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